Gary Eckert has pursued three concurrent foci throughout his career: philosophy, branding/marketing, and music. As a college philosophy teacher, he sought to explain and explore the established principles of thought based on logic and history, while helping students to recognize how much was and is still open for discovery and debate. As a marketing and branding specialist, Gary served as a freelance writer and performer before accepting a position as VP of Operations for a full-service marketing/branding/production company as both a creative leader and manager. As a musician, Gary has worked for over 20 years as a studio writer, producer, and performer for commercials, radio IDs, and album projects. He also served as a college teacher in music. As a national and international live performer, Gary toured and recorded with 10-time Grammy-winner Bobby McFerrin and served as both a writer and producer for country superstar Blake Shelton on shows for NBC and ESPN. Most recently, Gary was honored to sing on the Grammy-winning final work by legendary, now 12-time Grammy-winning jazz pianist, Lyle Mays (Eberhard).

Additionally, Gary is a decorated masters athlete, formerly nationally ranked as a 400-meter sprinter.

Inquiries: Contact@GaryEckert.comĀ